Sands and Winslow Families Make $75,000 Commitment to Horizons

This year, Horizons made a significant investment in Rise, a new program to support Horizons graduates during their high school years, many of whom would be the first their family to attend college. Rise will provide year-round individualized academic support and enrichment experiences to ensure that our students have the tools not only to be college and career ready, but to realize their dreams for the future.

Rise has been made possible with a $75,000 gifts from the Sands and Winslow Families over five years. Here is a note from Matt and Courtney Winslow about their incredible support for Horizons.

Why We Support Horizons

Horizons at Harley has been a proven leader in offering summer learning opportunities to Rochester’s most underserved children for over 20 years. The results speak for themselves, but if you need confirmation that the program is vital and life-changing for its students, take a tour and witness the magic that is happening.

What Horizons at Harley gives children is hope and confidence, as well as a personal relationship with mentors that will last long after they graduate.

That’s why we support the newly-formed Rise program that was established to continue to guide Horizons grads as they leave the program and enter high school. The longer we can support these students, the better the chance of success they will have.

It’s that simple.

Matt and Courtney Winslow