Horizons Grows Food Bank

The HAC Food Drive is a collaborative partnership between Harley and Allendale Columbia to provide food to the most vulnerable members of our community. In the first three weeks of this unprecedented crisis, we have already made more than 60 deliveries, serving more than 30 vulnerable families across Rochester. With a specific emphasis on those that we serve through our Horizons and Summer Leap Summer programs, we aim to provide weekly food delivery to 75 families per week, for the next ten weeks, serving more than 300 people per week across the city. To do it...we need your help!

Through a simple method of collecting food, independent packing and sole volunteer delivery, we are able to ensure that work is completed safely, respecting complete social distancing, and ensuring that we don't make ourselves part of the problem. Ultimately, this crisis will highlight the inequity in both our community and broader society. By delivering food to people that need it the most during this time, we can support our community and the families that need it the most.


It's simple to provide support. When making your weekly shop, please consider purchasing a little more (non-perishables) and then dropping the extra at the food drop off sites. You can drop off food at the main entrances of either Harley or Allendale Columbia in the large totes. The totes are emptied daily, and food is delivered by volunteers on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to families across Rochester.

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