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Inspiring Minds
Horizons inspires joy in learning
with a hands-on, project-based
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Make a Difference
If you could make a difference in a
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Inspiring. Building. Transforming.

The Horizons Student Enrichment Program at The Harley School is a transformational summer learning experience that helps students from low-income Rochester families succeed.

We Believe in the Promise of
Opportunity for All Children

The Problem The Problem Opportunity gaps continue to grow between students from low-income families and their more fortunate peers. Learn More
The Opportunity The Opportunity Horizons students discover the joy of learning, the skills for success, and the inspiration to realize their dreams. Learn More
The Results The Results Increased school attendance. Improved self-esteem. Better grades. A love of learning. And a high school graduation rate of more than 95%. Learn More

Horizons at Harley makes a nine-year commitment to students from the city of Rochester, Kindergarten through 8th grade, and provides year-round support and mentorship for high school students.

95% Daily Attendance at Horizons is Almost 95% A six-week K-8 summer academic and enrichment program forms the core of Horizons. Learn More
90% More than 90% of Horizons Students Return Every Summer Long-term, deep engagement with students and families helps close the opportunity gap. Learn More
95% More than 95% of Horizons Students Graduate High School The new Rise program guides Horizons students through high school. Learn More

Horizons at Harley transforms the way students see themselves and their future.