Saturday School

What is Saturday School?

In the fall of 2020, Horizons began to offer its program throughout the year on Saturday mornings.  Designed initially as a response to the pandemic, the program provides Horizons students in grades 1-8 with a high-quality, in-person academic/enrichment Saturday program. 

Saturday School mirrors the Horizons model. High level academics, provided by certified teachers, and weekly enrichments including swimming are provided. Social Emotional Learning is infused throughout the day. The program is open to all Horizons students with 30-40 students registered per session. 

Purpose of Program

Our primary purpose is to increase access to high-quality academics and enrichment to students from marginalized communities through expanded programming. With 40-spots available per session, Horizons uses the Saturday program to provide small group tutoring rather than traditional classroom based academics. This enables our teacher team to work with small groups, often no more than 2-3 children at a time, and reinforce content learning from their school programs. In this way, potential weakness areas can be addressed in real time. 

Horizons is making a commitment to increase the amount of instructional time that is available to our students by almost 20%. Given that our students can attend 180 days of traditional school per year, we offer 40 additional days per year of education to our students through both our Summer and Saturday School programs. A family that chooses to enroll their child in both Horizons programs starting in 1st grade, continuing through 8th grade, will have provided their child with the equivalent of two additional school years of learning prior to the beginning of their first year in high school.