Week 2 Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter:


And just like that, week two of Horizons has come to an end! This was our first full week of the program with lots of fun stuff happening. The students enjoyed swimming, gardening is off to a great start, robotics is up and running, class novels are being read, and smiles are gracing the faces of both the faculty and students.


On Monday all students participated in the STAR Testing assessments. These short tests screen students’ math and reading levels, which helps the teachers meet individual learning needs. Horizons is a fun and exciting place, but it is also a summer learning program! We’re dedicated to helping the students grow their academic skills, so for half of the day the students engage in ELA and mathematics lessons; we believe this attributes to the 75% of Horizons at Harley graduates who enroll in college after finishing high school! It’s no secret how highly we value education, but at the end of the day it’s the students here at Horizons that take the initiative to learn. 


College isn't the only pathway though. This week we also had our Trades Career Fair! Grades sixth, seventh and eighth got the chance to gain a better understanding of the labor, economic benefits, and skillsets that come with having a career in the trades. So far, ironworkers, electricians, and masons have talked with the students about the life of a trades worker. The tradesmen also gave some hands-on demonstrations which included learning how to make their own cement. The students were even able to lay their own small brick walls!


In other Horizons at Harley news, this week the students placed their focus and studies in nature! First graders got the opportunity to eat marshmallow flowers and make their own jam, and the fourth graders admired their newly sprouted potted plants while our seventh grade met with local beekeepers and were able to collect honey. 


With that being said, week two has rapidly come to an end, and we are ready to take on week three! Don’t forget to stay up to date with our daily social media posts and weekly YouTube videos for a visual representation of what’s going on this summer!


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 Week 2 YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHg3v_Ie6Dg

Have a great weekend :)