Week 3 Newsletter



Good morning Horizons family! Week three has ended and we are officially half way through our program! Around this time in the summer, classrooms have built their own rhythms and students are comfortable with their peers and teachers. Horizons has undoubtedly created a happy and comfortable environment for the students, and it’s really been seen throughout this third week by both faculty and students. Knowing that we only have three weeks left of the program is bittersweet, we wish we could spend the whole year with them! But it is so exciting to watch them come back every summer and see how much they’ve grown and learned in our time apart.


Now let’s update you all on what our students have been accomplishing this week! The fourth grade class, taught by Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Hughes, potted plants when they first arrived at Horizons. They have sprouted and grown, and the students are analyzing and tracking the germination. Mrs. Atkin-Mapes and her fifth graders have just started multiplication and division lessons which were incorporated into a fun BINGO game, as well as real world problems to help students relate math to life outside of their classroom! First graders made jam last week in the garden with Ms. Lisa and were finally able to taste it, plus they enjoyed a nature hunt around the creek to find different types of insects and plants with their classroom teachers! Third grade is continuing to focus on their mood meters and how their emotions change throughout the day. They also receive positive new affirmations at the start of every week! In the Horizons library, Ms. Larter continues to work with all grade levels on the exploration of robotics and its correlation with teamwork!


There is never a dull moment at Horizons and not nearly enough space in the newsletter to cover it all, but don’t forget that our social media is uploaded daily! Also, we are overjoyed at how successful the program has been so far and would like to remind you all that masks are being worn, social distancing is still in place, and students have easy access to hand sanitizing stations! Our number one priority is the health of all Horizons participants, so COVID-19 safeguards are in place and being followed. We want to finish the summer strong and with week three wrapped up we are off to a great start! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week’s newsletter.

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