Horizons Saturday School - Fall 2023, Week 5

Dear Horizons at Harley Families,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and thriving! As we continue on with another enriching Saturday at Horizons, we're thrilled to share some highlights from this week's enrichment program, showcasing the diverse and engaging classes that make it truly special.

Firstly, we're delighted to report a remarkable 94% attendance rate this week. Your commitment to Horizons is truly commendable, and we're excited to continue providing unique and inspiring learning experiences for your children.

Capoeira with Hope Kantor:

Our capoeira classes, led by the talented Harley teacher Hope Kantor and supported by guest instructors from Capoeira Mandinga com Expressao, have been an absolute hit! Students are not only learning the art of capoeira but also immersing themselves in the rich cultural heritage it represents. The dynamic and energetic atmosphere in these classes is truly infectious!


Robotics with Sierra Birmingham:

Ms. Sierra Birmingham has been leading our robotics class, challenging students to think critically and creatively. In the latest sessions, students participated in an exciting coding challenge for their robots, enhancing their coding skills and problem-solving abilities. The joy of seeing their creations come to life is truly inspiring.

Swimming Delight:

Thanks to the Harley pool and our dedicated lifeguards, our swim classes continue to be a highlight of Saturday school. Not only do students improve their swimming skills, but they also develop a love for physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. The Harley pool provides a safe and enjoyable environment for our students to learn and have fun in the water.

Cooking Fun with Harley Key Club:

Collaborations between Harley and Horizons are always special, and the recent cooking class with the Harley Key Club was no exception. Third and fourth graders had the opportunity to bake Zucchini muffins under the guidance of Key Club members. This not only showcased the culinary talents of our young chefs but also highlighted how partnerships between Harley and Horizons create meaningful learning experiences.

Community and Gratitude:

As we approach the season of gratitude, we wanted to create a special moment for our Horizons at Harley students. The dedicated teachers came together to organize a heartwarming Friendsgiving potluck lunch, fostering a sense of community and togetherness. Each dish was prepared with care and love, reflecting the diverse culinary talents of our staff. It was a delightful opportunity for students and teachers alike to share a meal, express gratitude, and celebrate the unique bonds that make the Horizons at Harley community so special. This Friendsgiving potluck perfectly encapsulated the spirit of unity and appreciation that we hold dear at Horizons.

We're immensely proud of the diverse and enriching classes offered at Horizons at Harley Saturday school. Your children's enthusiasm and dedication make each session a joy for all involved. We look forward to more exciting Saturdays filled with learning, growth, and collaboration!

Support Horizons:

Our program is entirely funded through the support of individuals, businesses and foundations. People like you! If you would like to support our ongoing work, you can visit us here: https://www.horizonsatharley.org/donate/

Warm regards,


Claire Labrosa 
Executive Director of Horizons at Harley 
Pronouns: she/her

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