Horizons Saturday School - Fall 2023, Week 6

Dear Horizons at Harley Families and Supporters,

As we bid farewell to an incredible six weeks of Saturday enrichment, we're thrilled to reflect on the highlights and achievements of our program. The smiles, laughter, and growth witnessed during this time have truly made it a memorable experience for all involved.



1. Giraffes Can't Dance at JCC's TYKEs Theater:

Our journey began with a delightful field trip to the JCC's TYKEs theater to witness the magical performance of "Giraffes Can't Dance." The enchanting storytelling captivated our students, fostering a love for the arts and creativity.

2. Planting with Lisa Barker:

The green thumbs of our young gardeners were put to the test during a hands-on planting session with Lisa Barker. Learning about nature and fostering an appreciation for the environment was an enriching experience for all.



3. Meal Preparation with Harley Beyond Soup Group:

Our aspiring chefs took the lead in the kitchen, collaborating with the Harley Beyond Soup Group to prepare delicious meals. This activity not only honed their culinary skills but also emphasized the joy of working together as a team, and the importance of giving back and collective care.


4. Baking with the Harley Key Club:

The sweet aroma of success filled the air as our students delved into the world of baking with the Harley Key Club. From measuring ingredients to creating delectable treats, this activity was a true feast for both the senses and the soul.

5. Capoeira with Hope Kantor and Capoeira Mandinga com Expressao:

Dance, music, and martial arts came together in a dynamic fusion during our capoeira sessions with Hope Kantor and guest instructors from Capoeira Mandinga com Expressao. The rhythmic movements left our students energized and inspired.

6. Robotics and Coding with Jeanne Weber and Sierra Birmingham:

In the realm of technology, our young innovators delved into the exciting worlds of robotics and coding under the guidance of Jeanne Weber and Sierra Birmingham. Their creativity soared as they explored the limitless possibilities of the digital realm.

7. Swimming!

The refreshing splash of water marked our exhilarating swimming sessions, providing an opportunity for our students to build confidence and develop essential water skills.

We are proud to share that we had 37 enthusiastic students enrolled, with an outstanding average attendance rate of 94% throughout the program.

Grand Finale:

To wrap up our final Saturday, each student received a special gift, including a book to nurture their love for reading, a new pair of gloves and a hat to keep them warm in the upcoming seasons, and a delicious meal donated by Chick-Fil-A.

As we conclude this enriching journey, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated instructors, volunteers, and, most importantly, our amazing students and their families. Your enthusiasm and commitment have made this program a resounding success.

We are grateful for your ongoing support, which makes all of these experiences possible. Your dedication and commitment to our program are truly invaluable. Thank you for being an essential part of the Horizons at Harley community. You can help support our Saturday programming by donating here https://www.horizonsatharley.org/donate/

Thank you for a fantastic six weeks of learning, laughter, and growth. We look forward to more adventures in the future!


Claire Labrosa 
Executive Director of Horizons at Harley  
Pronouns: she/her
The Harley School

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