Horizons Saturday School - Spring 2024, Week 5


Dear Horizons at Harley Community,

As the warmth of spring envelops us, our Saturday enrichment program blossoms with new experiences and exciting opportunities for learning and growth. This past weekend was particularly enriching as we delved into the wonders of the natural world and celebrated the spirit of collaboration that defines our community.

Adult Swim Lessons:

Parents and caregivers immersed themselves in the refreshing waters of learning during our adult swim lessons. A huge thank you to our dedicated instructors for making this experience both educational and enjoyable and to our enthusiastic parent participants.

Exploring the Natural World:

While our adults were honing their swimming skills, our student participants embarked on an enchanting journey through the Harley campus, guided by the knowledgeable Devlin Rosen-Carole, a passionate Harley student volunteer. Devlin's class on plants and plant life ignited curiosity and wonder among our young learners as they discovered the beauty and complexity of the flora around them. Every moment was a chance to deepen their connection with nature.

Collaborative Learning:

At Horizons at Harley, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. One of the most powerful aspects of our community is the seamless collaboration between our Harley students and Horizons students. Together, they share knowledge, experiences, and laughter, creating a supportive environment where everyone thrives. This weekend's activities beautifully showcased the magic that unfolds when different perspectives come together in pursuit of a common goal.

As we reflect on this weekend's adventures, let us carry forward the lessons learned and the memories made. May the bonds we've forged and the knowledge we've gained continue to inspire us on our journey of discovery.


We are grateful for your ongoing support, which makes all of these experiences possible. Your dedication and commitment to our program are truly invaluable. Thank you for being an essential part of the Horizons at Harley community. You can help support our Saturday programming by donating here https://www.horizonsatharley.org/donate/ or and join us for our Golf Tournament Fundraiser or the dinner to follow both of which are celebrating 30 Years of Horizons at Harley! 

Have a great week.


Claire Labrosa 
Executive Director of Horizons at Harley  
Pronouns: she/her

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