Horizons Saturday School - Spring, Week 3



Hi Everyone,


Our Spring Saturday concluded its third weekend, and it feels as though summer is edging ever so closer! We are simultaneously completing one program while prepping for 140 students arriving on campus in early July. We are excited to be able to invite visitors onsite once again this summer after such a long absence and hope that you will consider visiting.


Our Saturday School focus was designed around Math, STEM, Swimming, and Gym this week, and while "we didn't talk about Bruno," we did sing about him!


After developing SMART goals for each student, our teachers were now busy at work helping students develop their focus areas. Teachers look to make quick advances throughout the six weeks working with small groups with differentiated and individualized instruction. In this picture, Mrs. Kantor works with a group of middle schoolers.




This week, middle school students could also spend time in the pool or learn about using gym equipment. We are fortunate to have access to the beautiful facilities at Harley, provided as an in-kind donation. The Peckham Wellness Center is an absolute gem of a facility with opportunities for students to learn about cardio equipment, free weights, and machines.



Mrs. D'Aiutolo returned to school for her second weekend of STEM in the Makerspace. This week's challenge for our younger students: Using a maximum number of index cards and a measure of tape; what is the tallest structure you can make? Students chose to team up to use their resources better, and all manner of designs from sturdy triangular constructions to towers quickly sprung up around the classroom. In this picture, Cameron considers how it will all fare in the wind!



We are incredibly thankful for the community's ongoing support. The Konar and Feinbloom Foundations have been extremely generous in helping us develop Saturday School, but we rely on many individuals and organizations to put this together. This upcoming weekend is Harley's annual Blast event, and it provides an excellent opportunity to talk about our work and raise funds for the program. To learn more about Blast; please visit here:  https://www.harleyschool.org/blast2022/ 


Have a great week.


Robin Mitchell
Executive Director - Horizons at Harley
phone: 585-277-1189
Cell: 201-600-6866

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