Horizons Saturday School - Week 5


Hi Everyone,

We were back at it this past Saturday, moving into the final two weeks of the program before winter break.

Check out some highlights from this weekend…

This week Dr. Terry Platt, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics and former co-director of the Center for Workshop Education at the University of Rochester introduced the students to the basic biochemistry of Global Warming. Here Hector and V’Lirhyan engage in a hands on project that demonstrates how adding CO2 to our atmosphere dissolves to make our bodies of water more acidic.

Week 5 followed a Science based theme and we were also thrilled to welcome Dr. Julie Pasternack and her team of future doctors onto campus to work with our 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Dr. Julie Pasternack is an Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester Medical Center in the Department of Emergency Medicine and has worked with the Horizons program for a number of years to introduce students to the medical field. Here, sixth grader Alannah learns about the structure of the brain and constructs the lobes together to show where each of the functions occurs.

We were also thrilled to have Harley Cross Country Coach, and Horizons Development Director Dan Deckman run a Peak Performance class for our students. In addition, Ranita Williams, our Assistant Director made Rice Krispie treats with our younger grade levels, and students were also engaged in tutoring with our teacher team. A busy, fun Saturday! We look forward to welcoming students back onto campus this weekend for the final program day of 2021.

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